A Somewhat Regular Saturday

May 28, 2011 in ,

Today I went to English class as usual. There were only 4 of us this round, which wasn't too surprising since the grand total of our class amounts to - drum roll, please - 7.

After class and a quick lunch of absolutely delicious fish porridge, I went to the dentist for a regular check up. My dentist is pretty awesome, haha. Came home after that and ate cake…

I just fixed something on my draft blog (the one I use to test out new stuff), which makes me really excited to unveil the new design! It isn't quite ready yet though, so I'll have to hold on to my horses for a bit.

Speaking of blogs, my food blog, Cravings For Food, is just 3 followers away from 1,000! If you haven't it out yet, I really hope that you do!

With that said, sayonara for now, dear blog readers. :)