Traveling Though Music

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A/N: This week's issue for Niexter is "music culture," and it was just too good to pass up, so I wrote an article about traveling through music. And of course, I had to put David in there too! Haha.

People have always dreamed about a time travelling machine to relive their happiest memories, but what they don’t realize is that one is already here, in the form of music. Yes, music, not some sort of top-secret device. Music has the innate capability to transport s to virtually anywhere with their lyrics and melody, including the past, and in some cases, the future too. For those of us who listen to music everywhere we go, music has an even stronger connection to us simply because certain songs could have played when big – or small – events happened in our lives. One such song for me that never fails to make me smile is You Can by David Archuleta, which sends me back to a lovely day in San Diego where I first met him…

Festive music is a great example of how music can make us remember happy times, since those songs are usually played only during a certain season. It gets us into the holiday mood days before the actual holiday, and when they are heard during other times, they can bring back the fondest of memories.

Music’s 'transportation' abilities don’t just end in reminding us of the past; it can take us to completely different places and make us feel like we are in entirely different situations. That special quality is probably why we love to listen to music especially when we’re upset, because it can make us feel happy and forget about what was bothering us in the first place.

Sometimes the music video that accompanies the song also plays a big part in determining what we recall when we hear a song. For example, I always picture a balcony and a ballroom from the Renaissance Period when I listen to Love Story by Taylor Swift, and whenever I hear Jesse McCartney’s How Do You Sleep, I think of the roofless car that he’s in for most of the video. In this way, I’ve been to many wonderful places just by listening to music, and felt emotions I wouldn’t otherwise have even known.

So you see, we don’t have to experiment with strange machines to time travel anymore, because music makes it so easy to travel to anywhere in just a few beats.

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Unknown said...

Niexter should probably cover more about music than simply pop culture. Or cover a more specific topic. Music culture is NOT pop culture.

Alicia said...

That is true - there's more to music than just pop music. If I remember correctly, there were some articles about classical music in that issue too, so Niexter did cover more than just pop.