The Allure of Big Cities

Jun 23, 2011 in ,

A/N: Big cities are places chock full of opportunities, and I personally think that they are wonderful.

Not too long ago, I had a dream that I had just arrived in New York City. I can’t quite put my finger on how or why I knew I was there, but I just did. There was something in the air – something that just told me that I was in one of the biggest cities in the world. I have a feeling that I was in an airport, but then again, I also remember seeing the most majestic skyscrapers. The dream could have occurred in an airport, a street, or perhaps it was both. You know what dreams are like. What struck me when I woke up was that all I remembered was that one scene of being in the Big Apple, and that feeling alone sent chills up my spine, both in my dream, and long after I awoke.

While I appreciate nature and love being in the country, I must confess that I’m a city girl at heart. They entice me because they are so full of life and activity, and even though the streets can get so crowded that they look like utter chaos, everyone seems to know their place and where they are going.

It is possibly that sense of belonging that draws people to big cities, because if you were born there, you know its inner workings, but if you’re moving there, it’s an opportunity to reinvent yourself. On one hand, it might be a little lonely to not know many people, but on the other hand, that’s the beauty of it, because it’s a chance to create a new you, and to make brand new first impressions.

Other than what they have within them, the visual aspects of big cities are also just as alluring. The bright lights are absolutely mesmerizing, especially at night, and the skylines are truly something to behold.

I have visited just a handful of big cities in my life, and one of my life goals is to visit as many as possible. New York City, Los Angeles (I’ve been there before, but alas, it was for too short a period of time), Hong Kong and Tokyo preside the list, amongst quite a number of others. To visit these places and possibly stay long enough to learn the lifestyle of the inhabitants would be utterly wonderful.