Being Hospitable

Jun 9, 2011 in , ,

A/N: For this week, the issue's about hospitality, and I thought it'd be cool to write about our behavior towards tourists. Read and enjoy! :)

It can be interesting to hear people’s opinions of ourselves, and in the same way, it’s fascinating to hear what tourists have to say about our country when they come to visit. From what has been observed, one of the first things that they notice about us other than our diversity is our hospitality.

Malaysians are courteous people in general, and we usually help out tourists with any questions that they may have if we can. To go the extra mile, we could also offer help if we see anyone looking puzzled. Tourists play an important part in our country, generating thousands of jobs like tour guides and pilots.

A tourist’s account of their trip here caught my eye recently, because they mentioned that they have friends here, and made a point of saying how big an effort their Malaysian friends made to make them feel right at home.

It’s a really good thing when visitors feel welcome here, especially so because they bring their opinions back home. If many people share the same opinions, these opinions become the world’s view of us too, so it’s extremely important to give them a good impression of us.

Our home is also a paradise, mainly because we have the best of both worlds. Award-winning serene beaches can be reached within just a few hours from any corner of Malaysia, and while we don’t have snow, we do have really lovely and chilly hills nearby. Other than our geographic location and natural resources, we have beautiful people who have wonderfully diverse culture, scrumptious food, and to top it all off, we also have one of the tallest buildings in the world.

Clearly, we have many reasons to be glad about living here, and we should share what we have too, by letting others know what a great country we have. How? It starts with a smile, and saying, “Hello, welcome to Malaysia. Do you need any help?”