David Is Coming to Kuala Lumpur!

Jun 15, 2011 in , ,

As you can probably guess, I'm super excited! That's also why I hadn't blogged about it earlier… My post might not have been coherent. I think I'm sane now though, which is why I'm typing this. He'll be performing at Stadium Negara (which is why it was trending on twitter here a few days ago) at 8pm. It's going to be his first full concert here, and the first time I'm actually in the country while he's here! Sony worked really hard to get him here, so thanks, Sony! You guys are awesome. If you want to find out more info, you can check FanScene, or Sony's FaceBook. For information on ticket pricing, click here.

Today is a pretty busy day for me because it's the day of my deadline for an issue… I probably should be putting files into folders instead of typing this, but oh well… It's been a good day so far, though! I got a call from a friend I hadn't heard from in over a month. :D

EDIT at 4:15pm: I'm almost done with the issue! Well, there's no more that I can do to speed it up, anyway. I've sent all the articles, but I've got pictures that total up to 32.5mb… They're taking an extremely long time to upload, obviously.