Jun 8, 2011 in

I'm not entirely sure how I came across this song by Matt Duke, but I think it was mildly related to David… However I discovered it doesn't really matter. It's a brilliant song with such a beautiful melody, though I have to say a certain line in the lyrics is a bit gory.

Every sentiment hangs around 
No longer than a minute or two 
I find I keep falling for love 
But I can’t seem to follow it through 

So run little rabbit run 

I leave one good hand on the wheel 
Been counting mile markers for days 
Everything falls further behind 
I can disappear in several ways 

So run little rabbit run 

Sleep through the morning 
Don’t wake me up 
Sleep through the morning 
One little man to one mighty sun 

Try to break away from yourself 
Throw your broken bones in a heap 
All the blood and guts are exposed 
Your spirit has been begging to leave

If you want to find out more about Matt Duke, you can check out his website here.