Saving The Environment

Jun 30, 2011 in ,

A/N: There's only one Earth, and we need to take care of it.

You have probably dreamt about saving the world, or at least a big part of it, and now is your chance to do just that. The situation is that temperatures around the globe are rising without a doubt, posing enormous risks of extinctions to many creatures, and jeopardizing both the lifestyles and means of living for many people. Studies have shown that there will be many more dire consequences for us if global warming ensues. Dust storms in the United States, and heat waves are just some of them. As for us in Malaysia, we are already living in a hot, tropical climate, and it isn’t too hard to imagine the sweltering heat that will come if global warming escalates.

Earth is the home for many of the provisions we need to survive, as well as many wonderful things from oxygen, water, and food, to precious gems, metals, and beautiful scenery. In return, we have plundered her of many things, leaving behind vast wastelands. It is true that development is necessary, but conserving what we have and protecting nature is equally important, because once natural resources are diminished, they cannot be restored.

How can you prevent this from happening and save the world? The answer is simple: start acting right now. We already know countless methods that can be used to save the environment, like switching the tap off while brushing your teeth, turning off unused appliances, and recycling both sides of paper as well as throwing it, along with cans and bottles, into recycling bins. What we need to do now is to take what we know and apply it into our daily lives.

Saying words without putting them into action is just like planning to excel in an exam without studying – it just doesn’t work out! That is why, instead of merely talking about stopping global warming from developing any further and creating action plans, we need to go out there, and actually do it. If everyone starts doing their part right now, not in the distant future, the world can remain a beautiful place for many generations to come.