Aching To Start And Finish A New Writing Project

Jul 11, 2011 in ,

I want to start a new novel. This isn't something new, since I have been wanting to start a new one for a few months now… I still remember the feeling of exhilaration that I felt when I was writing one of my old stories a few years ago… Back then, I had so many ideas for that story that I wouldn't be able to sleep at night because I kept creating scene after scene in my mind, and it didn't even matter if I forgot my ideas, because I would just come up with new, bigger, better ideas. It got to the point that I would go crazy if I was away from my computer, and it wasn't just a simple want to write anymore - it became a necessity at that point, and I miss that feeling so much, that passion I felt.

It's not that I love what I'm writing now, what with my blog, Niexter and Unwritten Thoughts, but though I love it very much and Unwritten Thoughts does have a single message of positivity and inspiration which is great, it isn't a continuous story.

I want to start a new project and write a full-length novel, much longer than The Last Chapter, with characters I can follow from the beginning to the very end, who I can help grow and change. I want a story that I can throw myself into and think about 24/7 until I grow crazy and my fingers become stiff from typing and I keep talking about carpal tunnel, just like what happened before.

To me, that is what writing stories is all about, and that is how it feels. I was blessed enough to have experienced that once, and I want it to happen many times more.

I do have a story in mind, one that has been festering inside of my mind and keeps screaming at me, but I haven't even written the first thousand words yet. Maybe the thought of having to eventually come up with every single detail in a 300-page-long (which is around my ideal length) book is intimidating the writer in me. I'll try to take it one step at a time, so right now, I really have to open up that file, clear my mind, and start writing, because I ache to feel that passion, that distraction again, and also because I really want to start another project - and finish it too.