Going To Meet David Tomorrow!

Jul 24, 2011 in ,

I'm going to meet David tomorrow! I didn't want to say anything before because I wasn't entirely sure how it would work out, but since tomorrow is the day (just over 24 hours to go - eeek!), I feel it's safe to let you all know now!

My Dad managed to do some arranging with Sony, and I'm going to get the chance to meet David tomorrow! Of course, I'm super excited (do I even have to say that I am? Haha), and I can't wait to see if he remembers me! It's going to be an awesome experience. :D

I'll try my best to let you guys know how that goes as quickly as I can, and the best place to get quick (though short) updates is to follow me on Twitter @. I'll definitely get a blog post up after that though. :D

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Anonymous said...

:D --- have a great time Ally!

Anonymous said...

How come you get to meet him? Your dad arranged something? Like what?

Alicia said...

Doc - I think I will! ;)

Anonymous - I'll post that later on lol.

HemaPreya said...

Hey your countdown to David's concert says 26th August.. It's supposed to be July :) just letting you know! Have fun meeting David!