The Lengths People Go To For Food

Jul 21, 2011 in , ,

A/N: Food… Food, food, food. It is something that I love, and of course, since this week's issue was culinary arts, I had to write an article about it. This one focuses on how far we go for food.

Food is something that we universally have a strong passion for, and a surprisingly large number of people would pick the latter when asked the question, “Do you eat to live or live to eat?” It is essential fuel for living, and we can’t function properly without a certain amount of food to supply our daily dose of energy.

Not only is it a need, but it is also a form of enjoyment. Food isn’t just about filing our stomachs – it’s also about the pursuit of it. Just take a moment and think about it: how many hours have you and your family or friends spent driving or searching endlessly just to find that one special restaurant? The long highways, the tiny lanes, and the ever-present traffic lights are just some things we willingly endure just to eat a good meal.

The distances that we go to for food doesn’t end in just our own cities – we travel to other states and countries too. In Malaysia, some states and cities that are famous for their food include Ipoh, which is famed for their curry noodles, Penang, where scrumptious asam laksa can be found, and Malacca, which is home to chicken rice balls. Though going to other states just for food might seem far-fetched, it really isn’t, especially not when it’s compared to what people like Anthony Bourdain do, traveling the world in search for good food to share with us.

The lengths that people go to for food is pretty incredible, and several professions have been carved out of it, like hosting TV shows that tell you where to eat the best food, and of course, there are the chefs who make the food we love to eat so much.

There’s always a great sense of anticipation experienced when we’re on the lookout for yummy food, and that makes it even more special when we get it. More often than not, we’re tempted to order everything on the menu that looks good, especially after a long hunt or wait, but please remember that not everyone gets to enjoy food as often as you do, so try not to waste by ordering more than what can fill you stomach. Food is a most definitely a pleasure, but it is also a necessity that we should never take for granted.