National Heritage

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Today is a rather exciting day for me; I'm the editor for this week's issue of Niexter! I like how it turned out… The pictures are pretty nice, too.

My column article is below, but I have a few other parts in there as well, so do get a copy of New Straits Times today!

New From The Old

One of the things that make us who we are is our heritage. It doesn’t necessarily define who we are today, but it does tell the story of where we came from. It is beautiful, unique, inspirational, and above all else, irreplaceable.

History builds heritage, and the native inhabitants, colonization by other countries, series of wars that ensued, and finally, the acquisition independence, are all markers that characterize each country’s history.

The foundation for the vast heritage that each and every person has today has been laboriously worked on for centuries, and is still being worked on, since it is an on-going process. Each idea and invention from our ancestors adds to our heritage and history, and so do our creations.

Many new things have come out of the ancient, like modern, exotic dishes and clothes inspired by traditional ones, exciting stories adapted from old tales, and countless new-fangled inventions that borrow their structure and purpose from older tools.

Heritage is such a wonderful source of inspiration, especially because there are so many different aspects to it. There are both sturdy and delicate traditional clothes, mouth-watering food, and mind-blowing architecture as well, for example. Of course, heritage has many more aspects to it than those mentioned, but within those categories alone, are countless details that can inspire in a huge way.

Because heritage is so diverse, inspiration can be drawn from it very easily, and it is also because of that, that we should do everything in our power as both human beings and as the descendants of the people who built our heritage to preserve it. It isn’t just something that would be nice to do, but I feel that it is a duty to conserve our roots, because no matter how we twist and turn things, we still have the same roots, and we need to know where we come from in order to progress into the future.