Re-Realized A Passion

Jul 31, 2011 in , , , ,

At this point in time, this post doesn't have a topic or a title, though by the time you read this it will have both, because I honestly am not sure what I'm going to blog about as a whole. I just know that I feel like blogging about David Archuleta's concert, even though it was four days ago…

Okay, on second thought, four days isn't that long a time. What I do feel about blogging about is how inspired David's performance left me feeling. I'm not sure if you've read this post I made a few weeks ago, but it's basically about wanting to start another writing project. I guess, in a way, this is sort of an update on Project 14.

What happened during David Archuleta's concert was that I kept thinking of how I was going to write about it. Not in a distracted, stressful sort of way, but just sort of narrating it. I don't know how much sense that makes, but that was what was going on inside my head for part of the concert, and after the concert, I felt so inspired, and if I'm being honest, I still am feeling that way.

Another part of why I'm currently feeling so inspired is because I read a beautiful article a couple of days ago about an amazing place. The photos were stunning, and the whole thing left me wondering if it is possible to be in love with a place I have never been to before, because I'm falling hard for it. Aside from the pictures, I also loved the way the author wrote the article, and it has made me aspire to get there, though where "there" is is a little complicated. I do mean that I want to be to write as well as that person, but I also want to go to that place, not just to visit once in my lifetime, but to be able to go there often. I guess if I can write well enough, I will be able to go there one day, and maybe even live in its vicinity.

This made me realize (or should I say re-realize?) my passion for writing. It has been there right from day one, it still is there, and I'm certain that in my heart and my fingers is where it shall stay. Writing is an inseparable part of me, and coincidentally enough, it took David Archuleta to remind me of that and get me going again.

I shall end this post now, partially because that is all I want to say for now, and largely because I want to work some more on Project 14, which, by the way, I have been working on diligently and writing at least a sentence a day on.