A Series of Dreams

Jul 6, 2011 in

Hm, I've had really long, drawn-out dreams these past two nights, and the first one actually makes some amount of sense, so let me try to tell you what went on.

I was at David's concert in Stadium Negara, but this all happened before the concert. The scenes took place outdoors, and there was a group of people, so I went up to them and asked, "who's who?!" really loudly. I remember getting front row seats, but I don't remember when that happened. Later, I saw someone from my British Council class last year, who asked me a strange question, to which I replied with a long stare… A while after that, I saw that same person with other people from BC (a mix of classes) all sitting around a table and a pole. I didn't see them anymore after that scene, and my dream, or rather, my memory, skipped until it was night. There was a beautiful display of fireworks, which led to someone taking a picture of a 'red dot lens flare,' which was really rare because it had only been photographed once in the 1900s. A car chase ensued after that, which was probably the result of watching too much of CSI.

That was it for Tuesday's dream… As for last night's, well, it was rather weird, so I won't blog about it, but one of my friends was in it. I think I somehow substituted his face and body with someone else's, though…

PS. Please buy a copy (or two) of New Straits Times tomorrow!