Age Is Irrelevant

Aug 18, 2011 in , ,

If you have ever thought that you couldn’t do something just because you were ‘too young,’ well, the very opposite is true. The path to success may have a few more bumps in the road if you aren’t what everyone is looking for, and you haven’t quite graduated yet, but nevertheless, it is possible to achieve your goal, despite whatever your age may be.

Sahus Gopinath is one such example that this statement is true. The boy from Bangalore started his first firm at age thirteen, which took off pretty well at first, but he unfortunately had to shut it down soon after. He rebounded quickly, however, and started Globals, which is an IT company. He did face his own share of challenges, as people weren’t too keen on doing business with a fourteen-year-old, but he remained undeterred, pressing forward, and today, Globals is a multinational company. Sahus is now twenty-four, which is still a young age to be a CEO – a successful one, too – and he is still going strong. This man proves that it really is true that you can do anything at any age. You just have to set your mind on your goal, stay strong, work hard, and hope for the best.

The only reason that age is sometimes tied to success is because experience and wisdom typically comes with age, but the thing here is that this theory doesn’t apply all of the time. You see, an outgoing fifteen-year-old who is always open to new things would probably have more life experience than a thirty-year-old who is stuck in his or her own world.

Age need not hinder you, and in fact, it plays to your advantage if you are younger than most, because being young means that you have more time ahead of you to learn – more time to grow and polish your skills until they are ready to shine for the whole world to see.