"Can't Let The Music Stop…" - David Archuleta KL Concert Review

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“David! David! David!” chanted the crowd in Stadium Negara on July 26 in anticipation of 20-year-old singing sensation David Archuleta’s first full concert in Malaysia.

When the excitement had built up to the point of explosion, David burst onto the stage with Stomping The Roses, a song off of his album The Other Side of Down, followed immediately by the title track and A Little Too Not Over You, all three of which brought the crowd to their feet and the stadium thumping to the rhythm.

It was evident that he put a lot of energy into the performances, and another song with a lot of vigor was Touch My Hand, and surely everyone felt the same way when he sang, “Can’t let the music stop; can’t let this feeling end,” while jumping enthusiastically to the beat. During this song, he also reached out into the crowd several times, pausing to wave, and at one point, taking a rose from a member of the audience.

Something I felt in this performance was that even though there were thousands of people there, David still managed to connect with the audience, and I daresay that he made many new fans that night. It didn’t feel like he was a celebrity performing because he doesn’t have an air of fame about him, but rather a person – a sweet, amazing one at that – doing what he loves best, which is singing.

The atmosphere was wonderful, and adrenaline ran high in everybody there, with the energy bouncing off of David as he gave Everything And More (a song title from the Asian Tour Edition of his album, which is now available in stores) into his performances.

Zero Gravity was supposed to be the last song of the night, but after the crowd shouted for more, David came back out to grace us with his deliciously beautiful voice once more.

The first song he sang for the encore was Heaven by Bryan Adams, which he said, in the interview I had with him the day before, was his favorite song to perform. It was a lovely ballad that had us all captivated in the moment, which he followed up with a cover of Gnarls Barkley’s song Crazy, in which he sang the most exhilarating of notes.

The very last song of the show – and the last from David’s first Asian Tour – was his first single, Crush, which had the crowd going wild again.

It was a brilliant performance, and David Archuleta, together with his band, really showed us what good live music sounds like. His ability to sing is amazing, and the songs he chose to sing showed off his vocal prowess, making for a truly remarkable experience that I’m sure all present will remember for a long, long time.
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