Cars 2 Review

Aug 25, 2011 in , ,

A/N: Since there were two of us (Nicole and I) who wrote reviews, NIE merged our articles. Here is the one I wrote. :)

Cars 2, the sequel to the hit movie Cars, introduces several new characters into the picture, the most notable of whom are Finn McMissile, and the British superspy car, the sleek, gorgeous Holley Shiftwell, who works behind the desk of the spy agency, and whom Mater later falls hood-over-tires for. Then, there is Francesco Bernoulli, the biggest competitor of Lightning McQueen on the track, who thinks he’s all that and more.
This time around, Cars 2 takes a dramatic turn, venturing into the thrilling world of espionage, with Mater leading the way here. He doesn’t seem like a likely spy at first, but don’t judge him just yet, because the rusty and naive tow truck might just surprise you.

The animators behind the movie have showcased their creativity in this world where all the characters are cars, and it’s rather fascinating to see all that these cars can do, as well as the multitude of new gadgets that they, especially Holley, have.

What impressed me the most was, without a doubt, the graphics, though the storyline was catchy. At times, I almost forgot that I was watching an animated film, because everything looked so realistic and beautifully detailed, with the best scenes being in Paris and Italy. Though I’m sure it would look good in 2D too, I would definitely recommend everyone to watch it in 3D, because it gives does add an extra depth to the entire movie.

Cars 2 is a movie not to be missed, especially if you love some action, and it’s one that the entire family can watch too.