Hari Raya And Merdeka

Aug 25, 2011 in ,

This year, Merdeka and Hari Raya are coinciding on the same day, meaning that, yes, two of the biggest and most elaborate days of the year in Malaysia are going to occur on one splendid day, doubling the fun of August 31st. Both of these days are highly significant in their own right, with this Merdeka commemorating our beautiful country’s 54th independence day, and Hari Raya, celebrating the end of their month-long fast.

There are many things that mesh together to bring about a thrilling sense of excitement in the air in the days leading up to the festive period, such as seeing decorations being present nearly everywhere, and looking forward to watching fireworks light up the entire night sky. What is most special about this time, however, is the friendly feeling of being united as one.

All of us gather in the homes of our friends to catch up on our lives, and laugh together during the festivities, and one example of this is when people have ‘open houses,’ which is, in the most basic way of explaining it, a gathering. There is always abundant food and special treats served only around this time of the year, and the great part about open houses is the fact that people of all races and sorts join in the fun. In addition to inviting family and friends, many people also leave their homes open to strangers, along with other people who want to visit an open house.

Watching Malaysians come together to celebrate Merdeka and Hari Raya regardless of who they are and where they come from really is heartwarming. This is a time to gather with those we care about, enjoy their company, and it is also a time to make new friends and memories.