A Little Road Trip to Ipoh

Aug 14, 2011 in ,

After class last Saturday, my family and I headed to Ipoh for a little trip, mainly to see my uncle and aunt, and partially because we were craving the food…

When we got there, we went straight for dinner, which was pretty nice, before heading back to their house for a while. I spent my time listening in on the conversation, and reading Les Miserables at the same time. A couple hours of this later, we decided to go out for supper! We don't usually do this, so don't get the wrong impression here, haha. There was no doubt in our minds about where we wanted to go - Lou Wong for chicken and noodles! Ahhh, it was delicious… If you've ever been there, you'll know just what I'm talking about. The chicken was soft, tender, and devoid of much fat. We had them with noodles since they're famous for it, and I loved them. If you haven't been there, on the other hand, you should really pay them a visit! There are quite a few shops selling chicken there, so don't get confused… I'm not sure where exactly it is, but it's a corner shop, and you should be able to find it by searching for "Lou Wong" on Google Maps.

The next day, I was awoken at a ridiculously early time in the morning, because we were going to have curry noodles for breakfast! That place is really famous, so in order to avoid waiting an hour there, we had to be there by 7:30am. Unfortunately, the place was closed when we got there… Dang. So off we went to the guy's sister's store, which - drum roll, please - opened an hour later. We decided not to wait, and went instead for dim sum at a store that's the oldest dim sum store there. It was yummy, actually, so that turned out pretty well.

Some of the spread...

So, that's more or less what we did in Ipoh… It's a really nice place, by the way, and the people are awesome. :)