POP! Goes The Weasel Lizard

Aug 10, 2011 in , ,

Today, I had a rather strange encounter with a creature called the lizard, in the suborder of Lacertilia. It happened when I was minding my own business, doing algebra. First, I heard some sounds coming from above, but since they sounded like paws, I figured it was a cat chasing after something, which it probably was. Then, a few minutes later, there was a frightening plopping sound, and I saw something fall from the ceiling, and the wind brushing by me as the object whooshed down. When I looked just a few inches left on me on the table, there it was; the scaly creature. Thankfully, it scampered away quickly, and the last I saw of that particular lizard was about a half hour later, when it ran out of the room.

Now, I'm not a person who gets scared by lizards, especially since we've got a lot of them here and they're a daily visitor, so you've got to give me a little leeway here, because, come on, it is rather scary to have a lizard fall out of seemingly nowhere and land right in front of you.