Project 14 Is Running Smoothly (For Now)

Aug 16, 2011 in ,

I don't want to speak too soon, because it's too early to tell if Project 14 is going to keep chugging along the tracks to completion, but I think I can safely say that it's taken off the ground. One thing that I'm really happy with is the 1,000+ words I wrote on Saturday despite spending most of the day away from my computer. I cut most of those words away yesterday, however, (how anti-climatic), but I'll definitely be using them later on in the story, so I don't feel too upset about that.

Right now, I'm actually focusing more on the content than my writing, because often times when I plan a story, I over-plan, so that by the time I start writing, I'm already bored with the story and I feel constricted with the hundred and one bullet points in my outline. So, this time round, I want to try a different approach with writing the outline as the story, then focusing on my writing style and the details in my second draft. That doesn't mean I'm not writing and editing, however, because I do it whenever I feel like it. All this means is that this is not the final draft in any way, and I don't want to constrict myself at all here by saying that I have to do this, or I have to do that, because that isn't what writing is about. Writing is about going with the flow!

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Anonymous said...

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Alicia said...

Sharithstars - thank you for thinking so!

I hope you're able to create your vision, too! Blogger is an excellent platform. :)