Rainbow Colored Mind

Aug 4, 2011 in , ,

A/N: I had actually posted this poem a while ago here, but I also wanted to share it with more people, which is why I used it for my column this week. It (the writing itself) is a bit of an experiment…

On another note, I love the font that they chose for the title, and the pretty rainbow!

Every time, you seem close enough to touch,
And simple enough to comprehend,
You slip away;
Sand between my grasping fingers.

Every time, I turn to see what you’re all about,
And I find myself finally understanding
Where the frayed ends between black and white meet;
Where your different colors meld together,
You drift with the wind,
Too delicate to be caught.

Every time, I feel you open up to be read
I think I’ll have hours of eternity to slowly unravel
The rainbow spool you’re wound around,
You flit away;
A loose thread is all you leave behind.

Every time, I think you’re about to show me
Who you really are,
You steal my breath, and suddenly,
My pastel colors seem so bland,
Compared to your vibrant rainbow.

Every time, this story repeats itself,
I tell myself I’ll never give up;
I’ll eventually have a map painted
With each shade of your rainbow colored mind.