Senseless Character Arrangements

Aug 28, 2011 in ,

I'm on a one-week break right now, and I'm trying to take this opportunity to work on P14, but it isn't all smooth sailing. Most of it is doing alright, but C, one of my main characters, is giving me some problems…

Well, before I go on any more, let me tell you about something I read the other day… It was the NaNoWriMo book, and it really inspired me, because it's just so wonderful and crazy to know that people have written more than 50,00 words in a month. It's crazy, but it is possible, and to know that is so comforting. So, my goal (because I refuse to call it a deadline, which is such a restrictive word) is still to complete this by July 2012, but not just the first draft. I want the final draft in my computer and all ready to go wherever it needs to by then.

Anyway, back to C's problems… I know where she's going, in the first part anyway, but the thing is that I don't know how to arrange it. I had a very clear idea in the beginning, but as time wore on, I got more ideas, and now the place where I want her story to start isn't very ideal for the beginning of a book - not one by me, anyway - so I need to somehow rearrange it while retaining whatever it is I'm trying to.

I'm trying to count how many words I'm writing this week by using different colored fonts, and I'm interested to see how this works out… I have one week to make it work, whatever it is. I know I can write after this all the same, but somehow I feel like I have to do it all this week… Am I making any sense?