You Are How You Spell

Aug 11, 2011 in ,

A/N: With this week's issue of Niexter being about the Spell-It-Right challenge, I took this opportunity to write about how I feel about spelling. A tip: "your" is used in "your pencil," and "you're" is used in "you're reading this."

Good spelling is a vital necessity all of the time. On many occasions, bad spelling can lead to horrible misunderstandings. I for one, can testify to this being, true, because I have, unfortunately, misinterpreted typo errors, short-forms, and simple misspelling one too many times, only to realize the real meaning after the damage had already been done.

Having accurate spelling is something that I personally strive to do in every word that I write, because in a way, I feel that it reflects the person who is writing it. Misspelling a word because one doesn’t know how to spell it is nothing to be ashamed of, but misspelling due to carelessness, lack of thought, or complete ignorance is another matter altogether.

Spelling is like the clothes you wear on print, and on the screen. Just like in real life, people will evaluate you by what you say, only this has an extra catch – they can see your spelling. Great words with wrong spelling can be compared to wearing the best clothes, but in the wrong colors, or matched with all the wrong accessories.

Some may bear the opinion that it’s hard to spell correctly all of the time, and the truth is that it is sometimes, especially when we’re in a rush. But where would we be if we went about our lives avoiding things were even the slightest bit difficult? One thing is for sure – we wouldn’t have the dictionaries we use to check our spelling with in the first place, because these volumes took years upon years of hard work by various individuals, who certainly weren’t forced into doing it.
Words are important things that we use so often that it slips our mind to value it at times. Speech is one way of communicating with others, but so is writing. The excuse of “I don’t know how to spell it” can only stand for so long, because we do have the opportunities to find out how to spell the word in question.
I would like to encourage everyone to learn how to spell more and new words, because there isn’t such a thing as increasing our vocabulary too much. We add new information into our brains everyday, so let’s make spelling another one of these things. It will definitely come in handy one day, and none of us will regret it.