9,000 Words On Project 14, And Poetry Torturing Me

Sep 6, 2011 in ,

Exactly 9,048 words have been written in the actual document of Project 14 right now, not counting the bits of work I did for the plot. I'm ahead of my basic goal which was to write a sentence (roughly 20 words) each day for a year, and assuming I wrote for 300 days, I would have 6,000 words in a year. So, 9,000 is pretty good considering that, but then again, the average novel has 70,000 − 120,000 words, so that isn't all that good…

I've changed what I want to do a bit now, though, and what I want is to finish the first draft for Project 14 by January 1st, then do some major editing and have it complete by around July. I won't say that I have a deadline because I don't like that word and find it constrictive (for big projects, anyway - articles are different altogether), but that's what I would like to do.

Aside from Project 14, I have been thinking a lot about writing poems lately. I haven't written many in quite a while, and I guess not writing caught up to me, because suddenly, I have so many words to say, but I don't quite know how to put them into words…

There's this one particular poem that's been stuck inside of me for almost a month now. It's about… well, let's just say it's about a feeling that a lot of people have had/have been having. I sort of thought I could get away without experiencing it, but no. Who was I to think I would get away scot-free? Now this poem is eating away at my innards, trying to find a way out. I've tried several times to write it, but each time, I just haven't been able to do it properly. I got two lines, or rather, a concept, that I like, but other than that, it's still up in the air.

Adele said in an interview that she wrote Someone Like You because if she didn't, she would become a bitter old woman. I sort of feel like that now… This poem needs to come out of me, and soon, too.