The Accompanists (Preview), and A Global Fad

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A boy sits, poised in front of a lovely grand piano, on an otherwise empty stage. He plays the first few notes of a song, before pausing reluctantly. Deep breaths are inhaled in the audience, a few heartbeats skipped elsewhere, before he starts again.


The boy sits before his piano, this time at home, with the music sheet he has been writing on lying but a few inches from his fingers, as he plays tunes in experimentation. A girl sits beside him, watching in fascination as he tries to work out the last few notes of what will soon be their song. He plays another possible ending for her, then stops, unsure of himself, and raises a questioning eyebrow for her opinion. She nods at him, her infectious smile spreading across her face, as they both play the song from the start.

They play like they have practiced it a thousand times over, and the boy places his focus entirely on the girl, marveling as her slim, delicate fingers dance over the notes. Swaying to the melody they have just created, she is perfectly ignorant of his attention, lost in a different world where it is just the two of them, and their song.


“Are you ready?” he asks, showing off a dimple on the side of his cheek as he grins.

Clipping on the strap of her helmet, she nods and grins back at him. “I’m ready!”

She climbs on board his bike before he revs up the engine, making it shudder beneath them, and just like that, they are off into the night. Her arms lock tightly around his waist, clinging on to him with pleasure as yesterday fell away.

Narrow lanes they ride past soon turn into streets, and those in turn morph into highways. Together, they rule the roads, dashing between any other vehicle that dare stand in their way. With the wind caressing their faces and adrenaline running high in their bloodstreams, they feel positively invincible.

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For those who do lomography, it is not only a hobby or just an activity to pass time, but also a lifestyle. It has grown so much from being something discovered by accident by two men in the ‘90’s to something that people love to do so much that lomography even has stores all over the world dedicated especially to it.

Some of the products that lomography stores sell, of course, include cameras. One of the most popular is the LOMO LC-A+, but there are many other types, some of which are collectibles. Other than cameras, they also sell lenses, accessories like tripods and cases, as well as photo frames and albums.

The lomography stores are both artistic and colorful, making it easy to imagine wandering around in one of the stores and just losing track of time. They have a lovely cozy feel to them and they’re rather well designed spaces. Some of the stores display entire walls full of lomography images too, adding to the ambience. Most of the stores not only sell a wide range of products, but also host workshops as well as frequent gatherings.

There are many iconic cities with lomography stores, some of them being in New York City, Paris, London, Hong Kong and Beijing, where multiple stores are present. Other locations in famous cities include Shanghai and Tokyo. These stores aren’t all there is, however, as there are many other stores all over world, proving that lomography has become an international art.

While we don’t have an official lomography store here in Malaysia, there are several places where we can find lomography cameras here, like The *Click* Shop.

What I’ve seen so far of lomography stores has definitely been enough to entice me to visit one soon, and I think that you should really consider checking lomography out. Who knows – you might be inspired to start doing lomography!