Are You Okay, Kay?

Sep 12, 2011 in

I say 'kay' too much. Not 'ok' or 'k' but 'kay.' I don't know why, but I just tweet it too much lol. The only thing that would probably stop me from typing it all the time would probably be if I met a person named Kay, and she became a friend I spoke to very often. Or maybe, I should just name one of my characters Kay… hm.

I can picture a conversation here:

Hey Kay! How are you?
Oh hey! I'm doing okay.
Just okay, Kay?
That isn't a particularly shining piece of literally nor will it probably ever occur in real life, but, well, you get where I'm going…

Anyway, haha. I just felt like saying that. I shall go rewrite The Accompanists now and resume tweeting too much (almost up to 60,000, booyah!). If you want to see me tweet, go to @<a href='' class='twitter-anywhere-user'>keepmenear</a>. Be warned, though: I may fill up your timelines on occasion when I get hyper… Ahem.