A Banner And Update For Project 14

Sep 23, 2011 in ,

I was playing around with some images yesterday, and decided to make a banner for Project 14… I think it came out quite pretty. What do you think? :)

Since I already am on this topic, let me give an update… A few nights ago I realized something (yes, I do most of my thinking semi-concious) horrible: my 3 main characters, C (female), L (male), and B (male), have no reason to be in the same story together. I can think of ways to make C and L become friends relatively easily, but not with B. It's slightly unraveling, I must say. I'll figure out a way though; I have to.
They are linked by location and thus situation, but their backgrounds are drastically different. In a way, their situation does bring them together, but they all have various goals, especially B. We'll see how it works out… I'll let you know about that when I figure it out.

PS. I updated Project 14's page, so check it out if you're interested.