You've Got Me Thinking 'Bout...

Sep 17, 2011 in ,

Today, I woke up earlier than I should have (though why, I can't figure out since I slept later than usual), and while I was trying to fall back asleep, I started thinking about David… Not just him, but meeting David… Sigh, it makes me so happy every time I remember it. Needless to say, however, I didn't manage to go back to sleep, lol. Ah, well.

Funnily enough, I fell asleep thinking about David the other night, and woke up dreaming about him, HAHA. I had a different dream somewhere in the middle, though. David gave me some books he'd read before. Looks like my mind is good at combining my interests. It was a nice dream… slightly realistic, I guess. It would be pretty nice if David did recommend me some books! I've already read The Alchemists, lol. And, of course, Chords of Strength.

He's performing in Gilbert, AZ tomorrow, by the way! It's for the Constitution Fair, and it's going to be so fun. We've all been looking forward to it for quite a while! FanScene is planning to stream it live, and if you're at around 10am tomorrow, you can catch it here. Drop in on our chat box in the sidebar, too. :)

If you were wondering about the title of this, here's the song it came from: