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While messing around in Google Maps' street view yesterday, I came across the place that I stayed in California, and it was partially creepy, and partially nice, when I discovered that the street view showed the exact house. It was strange seeing it, and I know it's the actual one and not a neighbor because there's a tree in the corner. A nice, big, fuzzy Christmas tree. So I followed the street view to the way my mom and I used to go to the plaza, but it was a pathway and not a road, so I didn't manage to follow it. It was interesting though, and I saw the shadow of the Google car lol.

Anyway… Today I decided to go through my blog's archives to reminisce. Unfortunately, I wasn't writing in my diary when I was there, but my blog did a pretty nice job of chronicling what happened, to some extent. And looking through my old posts, I (re)discovered that I've changed a lot since then, especially in how I type. I used to say "freaking" a lot, and posted w-a-y more about David than I do now, and they were kinda funny posts. Like… well, lemme go check… Well, a lot of posts in caps lock haha. Let's not go into the details.

Hm, what else did I want to say about my little look-back? First off, 12-year-old me feels very different from me now, even though it wasn't all that long ago. And secondly, if you're reading this, I think you should start your own blog! It's a nice way to keep a catalogue of your life, and share it with people at the same time. Then in 5 years' time, you can look back and think about your past self, giggling and cringing at the same time.

Or, if you're shy, you could just start writing in a journal.

I'll sign off for now, because I've barely gotten started on P14 today! I've been writing a thousand words each day for over a week now, by the way, except for Tuesday when I went for class. I got in 517 words that day, and don't ask me why I remember the exact number because I don't really know...

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Kezia Muthu said...

Hmm.. You are from California, America

Alicia said...

No, but I stayed there for a bit. :)