Hotels At 11pm

Oct 3, 2011 in

A book that I'm reading now, Finding Cassie Crazy, has something of a book with writing prompts inside, even though the protagonists seems to hate it. It's a good book so far, but this isn't a review, because I wanted to blog a bit about writing prompts… Prompted (that makes for 3 times this word has been used in this post) by the book, and the rain outside before I went out with my mom, I decided to "write" what was going on in my head. It was kind of interesting, actually, especially describing the falling raindrops, and the contour of the road as the wheels of the car spun forward. And since we spent about an hour an a half waiting to come home after that, I came up with approximately thirty different ways to describe people walking back and forth. It's also very… intriguing, the things that happen in a hotel at past 11pm. It was relatively quiet when we first got there, but by 11, it was rowdy. Not rowdy in the sense of fights and broken glass, but louder. Then again, there was a wedding last night, and rounds of yum seng (is that the correct spelling?), so I guess that was to be expected. Still, the number of people getting out of their hotel rooms (several under 10s included) is surprising. They probably wanted to see nightlife in KL, though I'm going to guess the few kids I saw were jet lagged. I was going to type up the scenes I wrote in my head, but I think that would make this post way too long… Maybe another time, though.

So in conclusion to this post, I think you should try this exercise too, if you're interested in writing. Writing is putting human activity down into words anyway.