Purple-Coral Braces And Shots

Oct 5, 2011 in ,

I went to the orthodontist yesterday, and changed my braces from green to purple and coral haha. After that, I went for my piano class, and there, my mom spotted Anthony Thanasayan. He's involved in a lot of things such as training helping dogs, and writes a column for The Star about the disabled. So we said hi and talked for a bit. He has a blog here. :)

Later in the day, we stopped by my doctor's clinic (the same one I've been seeing since… since… before I can remember), and he gave me a shot for H1N1, which means that I'll be immune to the influenza whenever it finishes circulating in my bloodstream. There is a fever bug going around, so he was nice enough to give me the shot in the car. Gotta say I was wondering if he could do it in relatively darkness though, haha. But he's experienced enough.

Back to the fever bug… There were a lot of people in the clinic, so it means that it must be really going around. Drink lots of water, down more vitamins, and stay healthy, everyone!