Went For A Niexter… Event

Oct 15, 2011 in ,

I just arrived home after going for a Niexter meeting/event (I don't know what it's supposed to be called). Basically, it was introducing new Niexters, and organizing topics for future issues. It was fun, haha, and I got to meet two people on my team whom I hadn't met before! And also old friends of course, along with some new ones. HEY GUYS!! *waves* It was very nice to meet you, and some of your parents I met outside.

I also saw Himmat's mom. He was one of the first people I wrote for when I first started out, haha.

Then they announced some exciting new things, and the upcoming Young Writers' Awards. :D

I also found out about a certain man by the name of Anthony, whom I am going to email very soon.

In other news, David has officially arrived in Japan!

Now I can tweet him @ all afternoon with the possibility that he's reading, hahaha. I'm excited for the Japanese fans! David's released two Japanese bonus songs before: Save The Day, and Nothing Else Better To Do. Hopefully, he'll sing them!