Who Are You?

Oct 31, 2011 in

Yes - YOU! The you who is reading this right now. I've been really wondering who has been reading my blog lately! Tell me who you are in the comments? :) I'm curious to know who you are.

I also wanted to say thank you very much for reading my blog. ♥

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Anyss Athira said...

Hey Alicia! Well, first lemme introduce myself. I'm Anis and I'm 15. Anyway, I totally adore your blog. I'm just wondering though. How did you get your blog template? It's really pretty. And also, I just wanna say congrats for your published novel. I'm hoping to read it in the near future. So from this, I hope your curiosity has been cured. LoLz. Please visit my blog sometime okay. Here's the link: http://therealanis247.blogspot.com/

Okay zat is all. C ya! =)

Alicia said...

Hey Anis! I made the template myself. :) Thank you! Haha, and yes, some of my curiosity has been satiated, so thanks for dropping by to say hi!

I did visit your blog! I love the title, and I saw your most recent post. You should work on that novel! :)

Chiang Kah Yee said...

Hey alicia :D I read your blog regularly but i think i skipped that post :p hehe :3

Kah Yee

Alicia said...

Haha hey Kah Yee! *waves*