Nov 7, 2011 in ,

There were a couple of days last week which were really hard for me to write, while I was stuck in a bit of a rut, going nowhere. Then I realized, that I was doing just that - I was going nowhere. So, I moved on, and things picked up. Yesterday was the easiest thousand to write in quite some time, because it's a scene I've been planning for quite some time. Not detailed planning - just a rough idea - but enough to go on.

Since I finished early yesterday, I had some extra time, and finally finished writing a poem that has been festering in my dusty "Unfinished" folder. I was planning to post it while I'm away, but the topic isn't particularly appropriate for that time (I think you'll know what I mean later), so I'll save it for later in the month. Now, I have to finish a different poem, and some articles for Niexter.