Gone Before Goodbye

Nov 15, 2011 in , , ,

A/N: This poem is one that has been festering inside of me for a long time, since August, actually, and I know that unless I post it, I will probably continue making changes to it until next August. It was written about David - the aftermath of meeting him, to be precise. Strangely enough, I was free from withdrawals until long after even my friends who had them passed from it, but when they hit, they hit hard. Originally, I thought this poem would be inappropriate to post at this time because of David's impending concert just days away, but it has been "indefinitely postponed" so it fits in now.

Goodbye I never want to say,
Not when our next hello is so obscure,
Hanging somewhere in the distance,
Hidden behind clouds of mist
Where even flight won’t take me.

I blink back in amazement,
Take a breath to revel in this moment;
Know that it is real,
But when I come to my senses again,
You’re already gone.

The broken record of my time with you replays,
And I hardly dare
To let them run in my mind,
Lest they turn out to be
But a twisted trick of my imagination.

In my recollections goodbye
Is all that is missing,
Because never did it occur to say it,
And goodbye I am still holding out on,
Though you’re already gone.