Quick Getaway… Of Sorts

Nov 26, 2011 in ,

"Getaway" is not exactly the proper word to describe this, but I can't think of a different term right now, so it will just have to do. My dad has a school reunion tonight, which is why I'm at my grandparents' place today. We went to Ipoh yesterday, and went hunting for a restaurant my mom saw on TV. It was nice, once we found it! The fish was really fresh, which is of course a good thing. Then earlier this morning, we went out for curry noodles hehe. Well, I had the other noodles, but still…

For lunch, my uncle took us to a place we have never been to before, and I had black pepper pork chops, mm… They were good, and I loved the sauce.

Now, I'm typing away on my computer with just more than half of my daily thousand words done (yeah, I'm still trying to keep it up here).