Two Hands Clapping

Nov 24, 2011 in ,

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Respect and trust are things that need to be earned. One other thing that can be added to the list, is a relationship. Some of us have friends we have known for so long that we hardly remember how we met them, but lying just beneath that ease of friendship we enjoy today, are the many things that form the glue that holds it together.

Both sides of any kind of relationship have to be active in nurturing it. Even long after it has been established, a lot of effort still has to be put into it, because as easy as it is to become friends with someone, it is even easier to lose the friendship of that person. Both sides have to feel like the other values them, and if either starts to feel otherwise, then no matter how strong it is, the relationship will inevitably start to slip. Don’t take advantage of friends, or neglect them because you feel the friendship is solid enough, because you never know what may happen.
Relationships are easy to take for granted, especially those that seem to have been ready-made right from the start, such as those with relatives. When we’re related to a person by blood, sometimes we automatically assume a closer, unbreakable connection with them when in reality, sharing some amount of DNA with someone doesn’t guarantee an airtight relationship. We need to work even harder to make the relationship work, because love and care doesn’t come just like that. They have to be cultivated.

Never make the mistake of thinking that all relationships are permanent, because nothing really is. Everything changes, so if you feel like you have been drifting from a close friend, give him or her a call... make plans to meet up. It’s such a shame when a really good friendship, or a potential one for that matter, goes to waste simply because it hasn’t been given enough attention. Don’t let that take place.