Au Revoir, 2011

Dec 31, 2011 in ,

365 days later, and here we are, on the last day of 2011. Parts of this year have really sped by… Well, it's time to take a look at how I've done with my resolutions, so here goes!

  • Move on from what happened in the past
  • Keep memories in the past
  • Do something completely unexpected, and yet totally awesome (most definitely!)
  • Make new life-long friends (yet to be known, so I'll leave this open)
  • Write in my diary at least twice a week
  • Be a better blogger (what do you think?)
  • Go out of the country again (Beijing)
  • Be a better archie (not sure what "better" means… I'll have to be more detailed in my next list)
  • Write more articles for Niexter
  • Finish this thing I was supposed to have finished a long time ago
  • Start - or continue - and finish a writing project 
  • Apply and get into that program… and succeed at it (this is null now though, since it's not valid anymore)

That makes for 9/12, the other 3 being ones that aren't very definite… I set pretty realistic targets (spare the fuzzy-lined one), so I think I've done okay this year.

There have been many reviews of the year, what with all the momentous occasions that occurred, so I won't do one of those. Instead, I'll just do one of what I've been doing, like last year. Links to events I posted about are throughout this (and there are quite a number of links), so watch out for them!

January: The month I started writing my column, Unwritten Thoughts. I still remember getting the call from the very lovely Aunty Mary clearly; it was quite possibly the best phone call I've ever received. I was in piano class that time, and kept hopping up and down with a very big grin and nearly exploded because I didn't want to tell my teacher until the class was over haha. <3 I published Never A Last on my blog, and read The Hunger Games trilogy.

February: Watched all of The Lord of The Rings movies hehe. This was also the month that David announced he was leaving both Jive, and his management. Went to my first Niexter meet, and finished writing The Accompanists. Had English food for Chinese New Year. On a side note, I had hot pot for Christmas Eve.

March: Published The Accompanists! March was also the month I *attempted* to fold an origami unicorn. Did not end well.

April: The month I got the initial idea for Project 14 (which is still unnamed, by the way, though I do have some clues). The jewelry issue came out. Scotty McCreery tweeted me about crispy bacon. Oh, and I got screws implanted into my gums, which I have to remove soon. Not looking forward to that, but on the bright side, my braces will be off soon!

May: Finished reading The Milenium Trilogy. Hm, that makes for two trilogies this year, interesting. Sometimes I mark my time with the books I read, because what I read makes up a large part of who I am.

June: In June I prepared for July lol. I hit my 50,000th tweet because yes, I tweet too much. My cousins from Hong Kong came over, and we had a sleepover hehe. I love them.

July: The long-anticipated month where Matt, his sister, her friend, and David Archuleta (my recap for that is linked from his name, the concert review I wrote is here, and my interview with him is here) came all in under two weeks! July 2011 had to be one of the most epic months in my entire life. Oddly enough, the closer the days got, the more I found myself not dreading it, but wishing time would go by slower. Before they came though, I started Project 14. There are a few posts I made in relation to that (1, 2, 3). Also gave my blog an overhaul.

August: I had an encounter with a lizard that was far too close for my liking. Passed the 2,000 wordcount on Project 14, and also wrote An Archie's Love For David Archuleta. I went to my first movie premiere, for Cars 2 and wrote a review on it for Niexter. It was quite cool.

September: A relatively quiet month… Now that I look through my posts, I did quite a lot of writing in September. Started writing a thousand words per day on Project 14.

October: Tried a bolder combination of colors for my braces lol. David sang a very inspiring rendition of Dream Sky High. Unfortunately, my Baby Nemo died in October. :( But otherwise, it was a good month.

November: Went to Beijing and saw most of the historical sites there, which was awesome. :D I also got Blue The Flying Whale in the mail, and turned a year older on Television Day.

December: The Young Writer's Awards was this month! It was fun, haha. :) Then my awesome, Narnia-loving friend Esther came over. :D I finished Project 14's first draft, after starting it in July, and writing a thousand words each day since September. For Christmas, we went over to my uncle and aunt's place, which was nice. :) About two weeks ago, David announced that he was going on a mission, which really hit me hard (in a good way!), and I wrote this post (AFS link here) about it. My brain is actually still processing it… All in all, December was quite nice, and so was 2011 as a whole.

That's my year in a single (but very long, I must say) post, everyone! Tonight, I'm going to have Thai food for dinner with my uncle and aunt (both of whom I had breakfast with too lol), then watch David on TV. The Thai food wasn't orchestrated by me, but it works just fine *winks*.