Good Afternoon, Ladies And Gentlemen...

Dec 5, 2011 in ,

I'm slightly nervous right now because I have to give a speech in a few days, but I'm more excited than nervous haha. Right now, I'm writing the script, and I'm a third of the way through… It's gonna be fun. :D Gonna see some friends then too, whoooo! Can you guess what I'm talking about yet? ;)

I'm in a good mood right now because of that, and because I got a 100% in a quiz I was doing earlier for my studies hehe.

Hm this week I have a lot of articles due for Niexter, but oddly enough, I'm relatively calm and not freaking out, even though I haven't started (or thought of an idea…) for one. Usually I'd be a bit more worried lol.

How are you guys? :D