Happy December, And 84,599 Words

Dec 1, 2011 in , , ,

December is here, and the sleigh bells can almost be heard ringing! Have you checked off everything on your New Year's resolution list yet? If you haven't, now is not too late to start! You can still make it. :D

So now, on to the latter half of the posts's title. It's my current word count on Project 14, and I'm getting ready to wrap it up now. The first draft should be done by the end of this month, though the second draft needs some serious work. I can't quite say for certain how many words I'll end up with since I haven't really worked with anything this long before.

Today, I clocked in 2,365 words, up from yesterday's 2,116! I must say that this makes me very happy, because I was writing half of that two years ago. It's sort of the same thrill I got when I started writing a thousand each day. This is actually only the fourth time I've ever written more than two thousand on a single story in a single day, and all other four times were within the past couple of months, and on Project 14.

Oh, this morning when I opened Niexter to take a look at my column, I saw that an article mentioning David was on the previous page! It was pretty awesome.