63 Pages Missing, And A Possible New Book

Jan 27, 2012 in ,

Oddly enough, 63 pages seem to have gone missing from Project 14, 136 pages into the second draft of it. I was at 199 pages at this point of the story in the first draft… Hm. I wonder if I missed out on a few scenes. I did change the format of it a bit though, which would probably account for 10, maybe 20 pages of loss, but 63 is a bit too much to put on that. Hopefully, the missing scenes will show up when I go through it again.

Writing this post, I just realized that it's my first update on how Draft 2 is going! So far, the progress is smooth, and strangely enough, I like it more now, compared to the first one. I've cut a few short scenes here and there that were irrelevant and basically fillers, and sorted some issues out. One issue I worked on today was my use of the word "cahoots" (I only used it once, in case you were wondering). I remember typing that the first time and telling myself I'd think of an alternative during the second draft…

I'm roughly halfway through now.

On to the next topic I wanted to blog about: a new book that has been forming in my mind. Well, that isn't exactly true, because I have two now. I'm not sure if I have mentioned the first one, but the second is quite recent. It's actually a continuation of an unpublished (and unfinished) short story I wrote a while back, and stemmed off the fact that I really want to write a book as a teen girl, about a teen girl. So far, my characters have been older than me, and my themes fairly serious, spare some of my short stories. This time, I want to try something fun; light.

So far, I have around a quarter or so of the outline worked out, which is more than I can say even for Project 14 before I began it. It feels kind of strange to me to be working on a relatively happy story, and sometimes when I hear sad songs, I find myself thinking about my story, then remembering that my characters don't have to feel those kind of emotions. It will be an interesting book to write, that's for sure.

As for the earlier idea I had, I think I'm going to come up with a full outline, and save it for NaNoWriMo. I want to participate in that at least once in my life, and next year probably won't be the year, so I hope I'll be able to do in come this November.

This post is getting rather long now, so I'll stop here, start typing up my outline (I was doing it in a pretty floral notebook), and look for some names for my characters. I hope you have a great day!