Fish Epidemic

Jan 15, 2012 in , ,

The past few weeks have been tough for my koi… If you're following me on twitter, then chances are that you've seen my tweets about my fish… First Nemo got sick with Dropsy - kidney failure - and died, then we got 6 little babies. I was excited about them, but they slowly died. :( At first I thought that maybe the first one or two couldn't adjust, but there was more to that. They didn't have wounds, so the bigger fish didn't attack them.

Then I noticed the last baby koi nibbling at the bigger fish, along with the guppies, and that's when I knew something was really wrong. The first few times I saw this happening, I reasoned that perhaps the guppies were cleaning off the dead cells. The problem with that theory though, is that they had never done that before, and they seemed aggressive at times.

One morning, the back half of Dory turned red - he had been completely yellow before - and by lunch time, it was much worst. It was a blood red. I tried to find out what was wrong to no avail. Dory died in the afternoon. :( He was the fish who kept Nemo afloat when she was sick…

On Friday, Mango died. :( He was definitely more then 7 years old - probably around my age (most of the fish, spare the little ones, are old). He used to love to dig at the rocks with his lovely yellow tail splashing out of the water, and eat too much. I would like to think he died of old age, but he looked sick. Yesterday, the last koi, Simba, died...

Now I have 2 plecos (Ikan Bandaraya) named Kitty and Katty (the big one is Katty… lol I was young when we got them from my aunt and uncle), and a lot of guppies… We originally started with 20 but they kept breeding lol. I miss my koi. :( I still can't find any diseases that match the symptoms my fish had. Ich is pretty close, but it doesn't explain why Dory turned red.

Do any of you know what is going on?