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We got 6 new fish to add to our pond today! We only had 3 after Nemo died a few days ago. She had Dropsy - kidney failure. :( I learned something very interesting from that, though, which is that fish do have emotions. While she was sick, Dory kept swimming around her and pushing her up for air whilst the other two kept a vigilant watch. And I used to think they only felt hunger and fear of being caught… How wrong I was.

The new fish:

They're really interesting to watch right now, and keep swimming in circles, probably out of habit after being cooped up in a tub. Only 3 of them have names now. The one on the far right is Shanghai, the top one is Berry, and the middle is Silver. The other 3 are still being pondered over. I had a gigantic version of the darkest one named Lion once upon a time. Shanghai's a bit of a loner now. He's the only one from China - the rest are all Japanese. He seems to be making friends though…

Now for the "old" (and some really are old) fish:

All hiding from the camera in a corner… They aren't being very photogenic. The one on top is Mango, and he has a beautiful yellow tail (that's about the size of the new fish). He could probably swallow the new ones whole if he wanted to lol. He also seems slightly irritated by these young'uns invading his space. The other yellow one is Dory, and he has been hiding so I don't know how he's feeling. He seems to be okay after the loss of Nemo though… The colorful one is Simba, and the new ones seem to like him, probably because he's the smallest of the three. He's got a lot of friends to look after now.

The new ones are all so tiny lol. Even smaller than my Baby Nemo was! Mango probably wouldn't be able to fit into the bag all 6 of them were put in.

In case you noticed, my Nemo was a girl and my Dory is a boy… I named them before I learned their genders lol. Now they're all mostly boys though, oh dear.

If you peer carefully, you will be able to see the guppies. I don't know how many of those we have… they keep having tiny little babies lol.

I love my fish. ♥ They know their feeding time too, and get all excited when we come back from a trip.