Make Your New Year Resolutions Now

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The New Year is almost upon us, everyone! For students, it doesn’t just mean a new calendar to hang on our walls, or feature on our desks. It means a brand new school year, too – new classes, teachers, friends, and for some of us, new schools, states, or countries altogether. It’s not hard for all of that to get overwhelming, exciting, and somewhat scary, all at the same time.

With the school holidays ending, it’s definitely time to start making preparations for going back to school. It’s a good idea to get your body ready and adjusted, by sleeping and waking up earlier, as you usually do on school days. Also, run by your checklist to make sure you have all the materials you need for the school year: uniforms, shoes, books, stationery, and whatever else you require.

The end of the year is also a very good time to set new goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. What would you like most to achieve in the year 2012? Scoring better grades is always one of them for any student, even for the best of the best. Perhaps, you would also like to finish your homework in more time before you have to turn it in, and, maybe you are also planning to study more and perhaps ahead of the curriculum, too. If you are sitting for one of the major exams later in the year, then you should be aiming to do well in that.

There are also other resolutions you can make, like cultivating healthier eating habits, getting more sleep, making more friends, and forming closer relationships with your family. Resolutions don’t have to be made solely on a yearly basis, either. You can have goals for the day, the month, or any other time period.

Whatever your resolutions will be or are, ensure you know what you want to do with this year because, as I am constantly finding out, time is a very precious commodity. So, make sure every second counts, and every other thing you do brings you closer to where you want to be.

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Kezia Muthu said...

I went to Heaven's supermarket,& picked for u flowers of FAITH, cards of SALVATION, & perfume of JOY. But I didnt pay!
Coz GOD had already paid! And He said to me to remind you that He Loves You So much! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012...
Happy New Year 2012!!!!:)

Alicia said...

Aww, that's very sweet Ruth. <3 Happy New Year to you too, and may God bless you always.

Kezia Muthu said...

Thanks Ally..
Btw, I read one of your blog post which was about 2 years ago... You make wallpapers?? How do to make them

Alicia said...

First you need an app/a software to make it on. I recommend GIMP; it's free and can do a lot of cool stuff. Then you can try out some easy tutorials… has quite a lot. Try too. Just google and some sites should come up. :)