Making Decisions

Jan 26, 2012 in , ,

Decisions are interesting.They can be relatively easy, such as as picking your favorite shirt to wear today, or the new one you got last week. But they can also be serious, such as when you decide on how you want to further your studies, what you want to major in, and which college or university you want to attend.

Decisions can have fascinating results. They can become one of the best things you have ever done, lead to bad outcomes, or change nothing at all. What eventually happens comes down to making the right choices, which aren’t always clear-cut.
We are the ones who have to live with our decisions in the end. So make choices that will keep you happy in the long run, with no regrets.

Life would be a lot less complicated if decisions were straight-forward; if the practical and right things to do were the same as what our hearts want; if bad choices couldn’t damage the future, or affect the people close to us. That isn’t the case though, which is why we spend so much time analysing our decisions to ensure they are the right ones.

Our lives can be described as the culmination of our decisions, both good and bad. They shape our lives, determine the paths we take, and often come to define who we are.

While we want to make the right decisions, it is inevitable that we will make a few wrong ones. When this happens, pick yourself up, and be wiser the next time. Bad choices provide lessons that we can learn from.
Sometimes we get overwhelmed with so much riding on our decisions, but don’t put off coming to a conclusion, because choices don’t always wait for you, and opportunities may slip past if you don’t catch them quickly.

When a decision comes before you, face it head on, and choose the path you feel best; the one you’re sure you can live happily with. You might go off-course after a while, so make sure you check yourself periodically, to see if what you’re doing is in line with what you wanted to do, or better.