Me, Going Vegan?

Jan 24, 2012 in

I've been toying with the idea of this for more than a month now, so it isn't a sudden impulse. I haven't been eating seafood other than fish for about 2 months now because of allergies (though I had my first taste two days ago), and after the epidemic in the pond, I don't feel like eating fish, either.

I haven't eaten much beef either lately, ever since I found out that the production of 1kg of beef creates 37.5kg of carbon, not counting methane. Besides, cows look cute… moo. The same goes for pigs, spare the carbon (not sure about that part). Maybe there's a reason why we say "eating beef" instead of "eating a cow," and "pork" instead of "pig." There's that association with animals and squiggly-tailed piglets. Do any of my readers know about David's infamous Squiggly Pig drawing?

As for other forms of meat, I haven't really been eating much of them lately, and I rarely even want to eat them anymore…

Going vegan isn't very practical now, but I'm seriously considering it. We'll see what happens.

Do I have any vegan or vegetarian readers who can give me some advice? :)