Back To The Outdoors

Feb 2, 2012 in ,

People are largely shaped by where they grow up — in the country or the big city. As our nation develops, and the world undergoes modernisation, more of us are being born into the latter scenario.

Living in a big city can be fun, and most people who spend their early years there won’t want to go back to live where their parents were born. With all the forms of entertainment and bright lights, who can say no to the city?
The city isn’t without its problems, however, and one of them is that we might lose touch with our origins. It’s easy to forget, with all that we have going on in our lives, but our roots are an important part of us. We can’t look to the future without knowing and understanding the past, or where we come from. A large part of this involves participating in outdoor activities.

Ask any person, middle-aged or old, about their childhood. Chances are they will tell you about the outdoor games they played when they were young: football, skipping, hop-scotch, seven stones, and many more. Playing football back then meant getting out of the house, kicking a ball into an actual net, and getting sweaty and dirty. Nowadays, playing football has another meaning, one that involves sitting at home in air-conditioning and moving your thumbs.

This is fun, but it isn’t quite the same as actually playing sports. Going outdoors is a good form of exercise, and even though the heat may turn some away, sweating is a great way of getting rid of the toxins that accumulate in our bodies.
Doing physical activity also releases endorphins in our brains, making us feel good.
The next time you want to pick up your WII console or play games on your computer, how about going out to your nearest park or field instead, and getting a good workout while having fun? It’s a wonderful way to get closer to your neighbours and friends too!