"Nandito Ako," Starring David Archuleta Premiering TONIGHT

Feb 20, 2012 in ,

At 9pm Phils time (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Perth, and parts of Indonesia, too), "Nandito Ako" will be showing on TV5 in the Philippines. It's a Filipino drama, though David will be speaking mostly in English, with a few Tagalog words mixed in, and is chock to the brim filled with music, a love triangle, and bunny suits (watch the trailer below to find out why). It's guaranteed to have you glued to the scenes, and the scriptwriter, @MyDearWriter, says to stock up on the tissues! Check out her twitter account for lots of intriguing little teasers.

David plays a Fil-Am singer named Josh Bradley, who returned to the Philippines to look for his mother, whom he had been separated from at a young age due to a fire. In order to shoot "Nandito Ako," David spent over a month in the Philippines, working almost non-stop.

He stars opposite Jasmine Curtis-Smith (@jascurtissmith), and Eula Caballero (@oheulacaballero), the princesses of the Philippines.

Starting tonight, "Nandito Ako" will show every weeknight at 9pm, after WilTime BigTime. For those who are out of the country, and don't have TV5, don't fear, because there are 24/7 live streams. Click here for the first, and click here for the second. (Try them both to see which works best for you.)

"Nandito Ako" is not only a mini-series, but also the name of a Filipino song. David sang it for the show, with a good Tagalog accent, according to the Filipinos. The translation of it is something to the effect of "I Am Here." The music video is below.

Click here for the lyrics. On a personal note, I memorized the entire song! Most of it was done on a road-trip, and parts memorized on the way to Singapore to see David.