A Few Days In

Mar 31, 2012 in ,

It's been a little while since David left, and I'm doing okay right now. I'm really happy for him, and it's nice to think about what he's doing.

He sent this message to us last night!

In case you were wondering, MTC stands for Mission Training Center, and they're allowed to email their family during certain times. David said his road manager, the awesome @kariontour, will be posting updates for him.

The standard training time is 3 weeks, but it'll be longer if they're learning another language.

It's really nice hearing from David, especially so soon. I wasn't expecting anything for at least a week, so it was a pleasant surprise when my timeline suddenly blew up because of his tweet. Haha, I had a brief dream last night that he posted another tweet.

A lot of things remind me of him now, especially watching American Idol last night, and the mangoes I had for breakfast, which were very yummy. I wonder what they have for breakfast in the MTC…

I just have to share with you something that happened to me today! I'm working on a new issue of Niexter, and got a contributor's picture. Guess what I saw immediately? ¾ of the word "DA♥ID" on her gray shirt! I recognized it immediately, and started screaming. I went to double-check, and this is the shirt she wore:

Picture from David's official store
That was a pretty cool moment for me! Nice to know there are other Niexters who ♥ David, too. Haha, I remember in my earlier days as a Niexter, I saw someone who had Archuleta in her email address, but I still don't know who she is. HMM…

Some of my family are flying in this week, and I'm going to have dinner with some of them tonight, yaaay! :) One of them is my little cousin, who is the sweetest boy ever. I haven't seen him since July last year, and he must have somehow grown older these past couple of months… I can't wait to see him later. ♥