No More Braces!!

Mar 18, 2012 in , , ,

Are you ready for the big reveal?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Okay, here goes.

This is my picture with braces (yes, with David, hehe)…

This is me without braces...

It took two years, but it was definitely worth it, even through the pain (no, for those of you who haven't done them, it isn't constant), pulling out two teeth, and having two screws driven into my gums (which I still have to remove, HMM). It's so awesome having just my own teeth in my mouth again, sans pokey bits of metal!

I can't really eat bubblegum yet, though! I still have to wear my retainer for another couple of months, though I can take it off. It's translucent, so no one can see even when I'm wearing it, haha.

Coincidentally enough, it was St. Patrick's day yesterday, and I wore green without planning it!! It also happens to be the same green I wore to meet David, haha… Again, I didn't plan that, seriously.

While we're on the subject of colors, my fingernails are all different colors now! :D

Also, here's a little fun fact for you: my twitter birthday is March 15, 2009, and David's in on March 16, 2009, with his first tweet being on April 16.

Screencap from Fanscene
Hehe, my twitter is a day older. :p I just passed my 3rd year, and some thousands of tweets… ahem. You can read all of my tweets at @keepmenear. A word of warning, though: I've been tweeting a lot of David/Nandito Ako-related phrases these few weeks because of twitter parties. We've managed to trend just about every weeknight since Nandito Ako started, whoohoo!! :D